We’ve cleaned every single brick, each one remained in its own place.


The welcoming starts in via Duomo, the street that often becomes the hotel’s hall, dividing the ancient seaside town in two, one side overlooking the harbour and the other contemplating the beach. Park your car, and forget about it! During your stay the old fishermen’s houses will become your home and you inhabitants of the town. You will be welcomed by finely renovated accommodation which still preserves the historical structure of the building and is equipped with all the comfort you will ever need. Each room has its own distinctive features and uniqueness.


"If the guest expects to be remembered when he returns... it is because he was hosted in an unforgettable way” – this often happens to us!


"The early morning has gold in its mouth”.
Not only a delicious breakfast, but a thoughtful selection of authentic flavours.


"Neither good nor bad weather lasts forever!" (G.Verga) Watching the sunrise or waiting for the sunset, this will be your favourite spot!